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Welborne News - Monday, June 19, 2017
Staffing News:  We now have a new Intermediate French teacher, beginning in September.  Mme Nicole Bastet is joining us from Southview Public School.  Jennifer Harrington from Sydenham Public School will be dividing her time between Welborne and Henderson and has accepted our planning time position.  Our night custodian, Mike Boulanger has accepted a position at Molly Brant Public School.  His last day was Friday.  Our staffing is almost complete! 

Barbecue thanks!  The School Council has been focusing on Community Engagement this year and with your overwhelming support, we are able to provide families FREE ADMISSION and participation in all events and activities at our 19th Annual End of Year BBQ.  Many thanks to coordinator Crystal Bevens-Leblanc and her team of volunteers.  We enjoyed a splendid evening. 

Eco School!  Welborne Avenue Public School is a Certified Silver Ontario EcoSchool. Becoming a certified Ontario EcoSchool is no easy task and could not have been done without the hard work from both staff and students.  Many thanks to Ms. Mignault, Mme Ivrine, Mme Leroux and our Eco-Team! 

Collins Bay Sailing School:  On June 22 (rain date June 23), we have invited sailing instructors to visit Welborne (with a boat!) during second recess to talk about the sailing school.  The sailing school is a summer day ‘camp’ for students in grades 4-8.  The instructors will have brochures for interested students, and we’ll have some available at the office too.

Ultimate Frisbee:  Our co-ed ultimate Frisbee team enjoyed a final tournament last Thursday at Woodbine Park.  The team made it to the finals but were defeated by a very strong Lancaster team in the final minutes.  Many thanks to Mrs. Leger for coaching and for our families for their support.    

Moving this summer?   If your family is moving this summer, please let us know.  Unless we hear from you, we’ll assume that all students are returning.  If you move without informing us, that will leave gaps in our classes in September and may necessitate a re-organization. 

Dressing for School:  Now that the weather is warmer, members of our school community are reminded that sleeveless tops should be ‘3 fingers’ wide, tummies and backs need to be covered, and shorts and skirts should be a reasonable length.  We recommend sturdy sports sandals or running shoes for outdoor play.  ‘Flip flops’ or dress sandals are not safe for active play.    

Kindergarten Registrations:   If your child will be 4 or 5 by the end of December, please register. You will need a birth certificate, health card and immunization record.  If you are missing one of the documents, please register anyway.  Our ‘Discover Kindergarten’ open house will take place this Thursday, June 22 at 4:30. 

School Council:  Our final School Council meeting took place last Tuesday.  Our first meeting in September will take place on Monday, September 18 at 6:15 p.m.  The 2017-18 executive will be elected at this meeting so it is important for as many folks as possible to attend.  Minutes from the May School Council meeting are posted in the front foyer as well as attached to the end of the electronic version of the newsletter.
Allergies – Please do not send nuts, peanuts or peanut butter into the school.  Asthma – Students are now able to carry and administer (with parent permission) their own asthma medication (puffers).
After School Program – New in Fall 2017:  Jung Do Martial Arts is featuring a new after-school program.  Transportation is included.  Please call or text 613-449-9935 for information. 

Summer Fun Pass:  Download coupon at
Dates to Remember – 
Monday, June 19 – Wednesday, June 21:  Grade 7/8 trip to Camp Iawah
Wednesday, June 21:  Grade 6 Trip to Ottawa (returning at 6:00)
Thursday, June 22:  Discover Kindergarten for new students in the fall  – 4:30-5:15
Friday, June 23:  Hot Lunch – Subs – Popcorn $2
Tuesday, June 27:  Grade 8 Graduation 7:00 p.m. (information went home Friday)
Wednesday, June 28:  Swimming Day at Lakeshore Pool – Details TBD
Thursday, June 29:  Last Day of School for students
Friday, June 30:  PA Day
Saturday, July 8:  ‘One Step’ Walk for Prader-Willi Syndrome – Lemoine Point – 10-3
Friday, September 1:  Between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. families are welcome to drop by the school to find out where students will be placed on September 5. 
Tuesday, September 5:  First Day of School for 2017-18 Year
Monday, September 18:  School Council Meeting and Elections 6:15
Tuesday, Sept. 12 and 19:  Young Chorister Auditions 4:00 –

Council Meeting 8 - Minutes
16 May 2017
Michelle P., Stephanie R., Nicole F., Kim T., Crystal, Laura, Rob K., Melanie A., Julie, Jeremy B., Megan B., Andrea L.
8.1 Welcome 6:15 p.m.
8.1.1 General information
Minutes were sent out this afternoon, Nicole apologized for the delay in them being sent out.
8.2 Conflict of interest
8.2.1 Anyone with a conflict of interest is required to declare it at this time
No conflicts declared
8.3 Review minutes
8.3.1 Motion to accept minutes of the Previous School Council meeting.
Michelle and Kim accepted the previous minutes
8.4 Unfinished Business
8.4.1 None
8.5 Reports
8.5.1 Principal’s Report including
New Principal will be Anne Marie Lacoursiere. Currently principal at Glenburnie. She’s an experienced principal who is “kids first” in framework. Hoping she will be able to attend the bbq this year for introductions. Information will be relayed in newsletter on May 29, 2017.
Canada 150 Grant – the school put a proposal in and we were one of the successful proposals. We received $1400. The basketball courts were resurfaced. Decals will be made for the basketball courts (150 Grant) and will be painted – a nice freshen up.
A lot of new sand in primary, also have a new jumping pit now, beachball volleyball court has been freshened up (will also be getting a new net)
Have been using air scrubbers in the front area. Painting is almost completed. Working hard to eliminate odour but paint is almost odourless.
There are 14 baby ducks and a mama duck in the courtyard. Mr. Taylor made a hut for them. Kids have really enjoyed this.
Gauss math – 10 Welborne students participated. Michelle added that based on previous performances Waterloo offers scholarships, so they do encourage any students who are interested in Waterloo to participate in the test. One of Welborne’s students got 100% this year and was a top score. Mrs. Tan coached and took to FSS to write
Limestone learning Foundation– (LLF grant). Unsure when Welborne last received this grant. Would this council like to support this with the Frontenac Family schools?
Schedule for next year 2017/2018 – Concluded review of timetable for this year. Encouraged student participation in review. Please speak to teachers for any ongoing concerns. 2/3 of instruction is completed by 1pm or 1:10. Kids are running out of food by food sharing. They have limited
Food sharing project governs this, we can donate to the project, this would be more beneficial than donating directly to the school’s healthy food sharing supply
Corner snack – snacking throughout instruction as need be so it’s not disruptive but kids are not hungry throughout day. This is occurring in Kindergarten as well, but each teacher manages it differently
Rob said that kids were feeling they get more outside time. Home lunches are 45 minutes twice daily.
Track has been freshened – Scott Wentworth – haven’t gotten bills yet
$2799 – for the new screen in the gym
$918 for basketball journey
$3500 was approved by council for 10 new ipads ($5424 final bill)
$4200 for white boards – not sure if it was a mistake in the minutes, but wasn’t in the minutes as approved, only mentioned. Order on table for $12,000 (approx..) and does include installation – can’t pay for wiring/labour from bingo money, school can contribute, but would be beneficial for school council to cover a large chunk. If council approves funding for this it would complete this project. All classes would then have their white boards.
Currently in bingo, $12, 000 approx. still missing March and April from that. Likely about $14,000. Making just under $1000 per bingo. Julie is taking on coordination. Andrea is going to remain as an emergency volunteer. The training is 1 hr and 15 minutes. Bingos are typically 2 hours in length
School jerseys will be approx. $1000 – which is more than expected. They will be ordered either way.
6 chrome books now. About $250 per device. To think about in the fall. Board supports those. Approximately 4 years is the lifespan before it needs to be updated. All students have a GAPS account to log in to. They can save their work and very easily pull up when they get home.
8.5.2 Teacher’s Report
Report from Rob Kay – teachers looking forward to whiteboard
Checking newsletter each week will remind about trips and events
Math conference – a number of teachers attended, approx.. 5 teachers, teachers also been looking at current assessments in math, helping to provide kids with more opportunity for hands on learning
Closed the teacher’s resource centre at McArthur. Distributed resources, so an influx of new materials at the school. The school has been working on this within the school.
8.5.3 Treasurer’s report
$242 funscript
$480 KD clothes
$1340 Vesey
Track upkeep needs to be called “upgrades” so Jeremy will update the spreadsheet to reflect this.
8.5.4 Division Representative’s reports
· Got the money from Chapters. Michelle is going to write a letter just personally
· Crossing guards – there continues to be issue with people parking in the no park
o There are no cones being put out with crossing guards, Andrea will ask that he take one out
o Valerie Herding (community officer) could possibly address this
o Michelle and other parents have been trying to address this on their own, but it would be helpful to have Valerie stop in during that time of day and speak to people
Kindergarten classes for next year – how many JKs last year
Next year tentatively 2 jk/sk and 1 sk/gr 1
Still really early in staffing process, teachers have tentative assignment
Pavement on primary yard? It’s in rough shape, and request has gone to the board – Health and Safety Request for more sand (track and field) – See 8.5.1
8.5.5 Community representative reports - Nothing to report
8.5.6 Student Representatives
Student council said they hadn’t been made aware of the meeting – could post on their council board when meetings are.
The student council is getting together Thursday to discuss volunteers for bbq
There should be procedures for student council when asking them to do something
Rather than asking one student it should be taken to their council for them to come to agreements on
Could teacher rep be the liaison with the student council
8.5.7 Fundraising Committee Fundraisers are completed
8.5.8 Community Events Committee
Need people who have CPIC for child ID clinic
Police will not send volunteers as they now do the own clinic with same software
Last year it was Matt M and Nicole F
Matt coordinated the event last year. Matt is unable to attend the bbq this year and is unable to coordinate.
Crystal will be seeking volunteers. Her contact information will be added to the newsletter
8.5.9 Pro Grant Committee update
Pro Grant update – it’s going really well. Rough draft has been completed. Suzanne Murphy is editing it. She is experienced in this area and has been helpful. Crystal had informed her that the deadline has been extended. It will generate a PDF when it’s submitted online, so she will share. Considering “Well balanced at Welborne” as a title. Ties into healthy students make better learners.
8.6 New Business
Chrome books and White boards
Discussion regarding what would make sense in terms of funding from council. Andrea likes the idea of finishing the whiteboards as it has been a long project
Jeremy brought up that there may be benefit to purchase a certain number of chrome books yearly as opposed to all of them at once
Schools are moving more towards cloud based storage
What would best benefit the school as a whole? And what specifically is being asked for?
The pinnies are $1000
$11, 760 ($9, 760) for white boards
$250 for a chrome book - $2500 for the 10 plus tax
$9500 approved for projectors – this will be taken from Bingo
$2500 approved for chrome books – this will be taken from Bingo
$850 approved for pinnies. This can come out of another school funding raising pot
Motion put forward by Nicole F. for these approvals. Seconded by Laura.
This will leave the school with 16 chrome books.
Every limestone student has a GAPS account. Every student can access their google account from anywhere.
Can we make a “classroom” for parent council? Maybe more appropriate to use OneDrive? Will need to consider a shared drive for information storage for parent council.
Discussion about how to thank volunteers – teachers tend to do this separately on their own
Annual school award for volunteers would be given out at the end of the year
Garden hose – the school does not have a garden hose. Andrea will have a garden hose purchased
Parent council – can we access the remind app?
Staff appreciation – what was the budget last year? People don’t recall what the budget was. Could consider this as family appreciation as opposed to funding from the council.
8.6.1 Nordic and Bicknell path maintenance. Motion for gravel or asphalt upgrades. – Andrea is getting a price from Derek about this
8.6.2 Thank you for volunteers – to be discussed next year
8.6.3 Bingo fund – Welborne shirts or hats for PAC members – to be discussed next year
8.6.4 Google Chrome Classroom
8.7 Proposed dates and times for future meetings
8.7.1 Date for next meeting. Date for the next meeting 13 June 2017 – will be the last meeting and will give the opportunity to check in prior to the bbq. Will also give opportunity to meet new principal if she is able to attend.
8.8 Adjournment 7:42 p.m.
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