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Wellness at Welborne: "Mindful Kids" with
Michelle Breede is a Mindful Kids Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master & Hypnosis Practitioner. 

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to the present moment and to what is happening both inside and outside of ourselves with an awareness that is open and allowing rather than judgement or fixated.

It's not always about calming the chaos, but rather sitting within the chaos and responding appropriately.  With practicing mindfulness, your child can create pause between stimulus and response (versus stimulus and reaction). Allow your child the opportunity to learn this lifelong skill!

Mindful Parents / kids is the opportunity to facilitate mindfulness through our actions and introduce mindfulness techniques to the children we care for. This workshop will introduce simple mindfulness techniques that you can personally utilize and teach to the children in your life. This workshop is an ideal option for parents, guardians, caregivers, teachers and any person that works with children.